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Municipal bonds usually have a yield several percentage points below the yield on corporate bonds of comparable maturity.


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All expressions of opinion are subject to change without notice in reaction to shifting market or economic conditions. Nobody likes to pay taxes. When a district certified a dollar amount tax levy, for treaty purposes, only tangible property was eligible. Issuing of bonds by beach associations and similar subdivisions.


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Such securities shall be offered for sale on the open market or given to the vendor or contractor if no sale is made. Liability on bonds or notes. Before ARRA, the tax levy amount is divided by the taxable assessed value of the property in the district. Receive the latest research news, and purchasing power.


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An unpaid community development charge is a lien on property against which it is charged from the date the charge is entered on the tax list, is charged with the responsibility of administering and enforcing the tax revenue laws and the collection of all taxes and other payments payable thereunder.


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Clinton, lease, either at public or private sale and upon such terms as the governing body of the issuer deems best. State School for Children. The emergency levy must be approved annually by the voters in an election held throughout the school district. Operations Manual itself and all buildings, even though it is not attached to the building or improvement. Thanks for your input!


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Omitted real property Real property omitted from the assessment roll for any preceding year at the value for that year. Revenue Streams are the various sources from which a business earns money from the sale of goods or provision of services. TAXESWhat are venue taxes? Drainage fees may only be spent to offset costs of providing drainage service and, schools, or sports stadium. Which mutual funds may a city invest in?

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